Cyberattack forces Scripps Health to go offline, disrupts patient care

Cyberattack forces Scripps Health to go offline, disrupts patient care

The American hospital network UF Health Central Florida has been the victim of a ransomware cyberattack that forced two hospitals to shut down their IT networks and switch to manual operation.

The University of Florida Health (also known as UF Health) is a network of healthcare institutions and private practices serving Florida residents.

According to BleepingComputer, UF Health The Villages Hospital and UF Health Leesburg Hospital have been hacked and have lost access to their computer systems and e-mail. UF Health Central Florida detected suspicious activity and shut down portions of its network to prevent the attack from spreading.

“On the night of May 31, UF Health Central Florida detected unusual activity on its computer servers. Our team of IT professionals work with IT experts at our Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses to investigate and address all potential risks. As a precautionary measure, we temporarily disabled access to some of our Central Florida systems, including email, and launched procedures to restore data from backups, while our teams continue to work to ensure the security of all data and networks, ”UF Health said. Central Florida.

According to the company, no evidence was found that hospitals in Gainesville and Jacksonville were affected by the cyberattack. However, according to the local newspaper Villages-News, hospitals were hit by ransomware, and their staff had to tackle paper and pens the old fashioned way. Both facilities continue to receive patients and provide services.

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