Dangerous criminals were sellers of smartphones with “secure” messenger An0m

Australian Police have released new insights into how An0m smartphones have spread among criminals.

Australian Federal Police have revealed new information about the An0m application that it has been running with the FBI to intercept criminals’ correspondence.

For the first time, the application became known in June 2021. It was reported that under the supervision of law enforcement officers a “secure” messenger was created, supposedly providing secure communication. The messenger was distributed among criminals who were unaware that all their communications were intercepted by law enforcement officers. The app ran on Android smartphones modified to only run An0m.

On Thursday, December 9, the Australian Federal Police released new information on how the app and the smartphones it ran on spread to criminals. In particular, the police reported four facts:

  1. The wholesalers of smartphones with pre-installed An0m messenger were dangerous and very dangerous criminals. Some of them had exclusive rights to distribute devices in certain countries and regions;
  2. The agents had distribution rights in certain territories. They hired employees to find clients and provide them with technical support;
  3. Representatives (resellers) sold devices to partners and charged subscription fees;
  4. The delivery of the devices was carried out with the help of hired drivers.

Thanks to An0m, over 700 warrants have been executed in Australia alone and 311 individuals have been indicted. In addition, 6.3 tons of drugs and $ 37 million of illegally obtained income were seized. Also, 993 suspects around the world were arrested, more than 42 tons of drugs and more than $ 58 million in cash and cryptocurrency were arrested.

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