Darkside ransomware stole secret data from Toshiba

A French business belonging to Toshiba Corp has been hit by a ransomware attack and according to Reuters, it is from the same group that carried out the Colonial Pipeline attack this week.

It is alleged that after finding the attack, Toshiba then shut down its networks between Japan, Europe and other subsidiaries in order to prevent spread and more damage while the company started recovery protocols and data back-ups.

Reuters had also reported that screenshots of Darkside’s post that had been provided by the cybersecurity firm said that more than 740GB of information had been stolen including passports, information about the work of management and new business projects of the company, as well as personal data of employees

However, our editors WERE NOT able to verify these claims, as, at the time of writing this, Darkside’s leak site is not accessible.

Currently, Toshiba has launched an investigation into the attack and have invited a third party cyber forensics specialist team to assist them.

Very little is known at this stage as to how much damage has been caused by the attack, however, in a press release, Toshiba stated that the extent of the impact has been limited to some regions in Europe, but Toshiba Tec is still investigating whether customer-related information was leaked externally.

Darkside ransomware stole secret data from Toshiba

It should be noted that the Toshiba corporation, which is also involved in defence production and the production of equipment for nuclear power plants, has recently become the target of computer attacks.

As previously reported, DarkSide ransomware operators launched a cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil pipeline operator in the United States, last week.

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The ransomware DarkSide encrypted data on the company’s networks and demanded a ransom, as a result of which it had to shut down some systems and stop all operations related to the pipeline. As a result, many gas stations on the US West Coast ran out of gas. The US authorities blamed the Russian government for the attack, but the DarkSide group itself denies any involvement with any government.

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