Data breach at American hospital, data 1.3 million patients on the street

Broward Health, a major healthcare organization in the United States, has been hit by a huge data breach that has left the personal data of 1.3 million patients on the street.

Infiltrate System

This week, Broward Health revealed that they have been the victim of a hack. The Florida healthcare organization has more than 30 healthcare facilities under its care.

The cyberattack would have taken place on October 15, 2021. A hacker managed to gain access to the hospital’s network that day. This allowed the intruder to access the personal data of more than 1.3 million patients.

Four days later, on October 19, 2021, the leak was discovered and the organization filed a report. Employees were advised to change their passwords and the hospital engaged cybersecurity experts.

It turned out that the hacker had managed to get in through another medical party that had access to the systems.

Personal data

Investigations revealed that the intruder had access to patients’ medical records. Various personal details of patients have been leaked, including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, financial information, social security number, insurance number, medical information and history, driver’s license number and email address.

The patients have been informed of the leak and are advised to be extra careful in the coming period.

It is not yet known whether the intruder has already used this information to carry out phishing attacks, for example.

Trade in data

Often these kinds of datasets appear on the dark web after some time. Here the hacker then tries to sell the data. Such personal information can be used by online scammers to extort money from people. The more information a scammer has about you, the better he can tailor it to you and the more likely you will be inclined to trust the information in, for example, a phishing email.

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