Dating app Grindr removed from Chinese App Store

Popular dating app Grindr has been removed from multiple app stores in China. This happened a few days after China announced it would further tighten its controls on the internet. China is campaigning to crack down on illegal and sensitive content during the Chinese New Year and the upcoming Winter Olympics. Bloomberg reports this.

Grindr removed

Grindr was removed from the iOS store last week, according to data from research firm Qimai.

Some Grindr users in China have also been experiencing issues with the app in recent times. For example, they could not send and receive messages or add ‘likes’. Searches for the dating app on Android and similar platforms from Chinese companies also yielded no results.

Internet Censorship China

China is known for internet censorship. The Chinese government has blocked various foreign apps and websites via the ‘Great Firewall’. This government censorship has blocked major websites such as Facebook, Google and YouTube in China.

In the run-up to the Beijing Olympics, China has made renewed efforts to regulate its already heavily guarded internet. China’s Cyberspace Administration last week announced a month-long campaign to crack down on online rumours, pornography and illegal content during the Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics.

After the stricter measures, the popular gay app also disappeared. Homosexuality is still a taboo in China and the government takes a strict approach to homosexual issues. For example, dozens of Chinese LGBTQ accounts were removed from the Chinese chat app WeChat last year.

Grindr and Apple have not yet responded to the request for comment on Grindr’s disappearance.

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