Documents of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Published in Dark Web

A threat actor has published Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents and email credentials for free.

Documents of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Published in Dark Web

According to the Actor, the documents dumped are from Russian MOFA email accounts.

The full report is now available thanks to @EUprivacynet (Gert Koerselman) who translated the documents and summarized them.

Documents of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Published in Dark Web

Concerning: Russia-mofa-data-dump. Leaked by Spectre, 499 Mb (571 Mb after the first extraction).

Received May 02, 2021, analyses per May 05, 2021, by Euprivacynet G.K.

Here is a short report on the examined files. This is not a full professional report but an overview.

1) General


  • Files are confirmed to be authentic from inside the Russian government.
  • In general, they contain operational information, little content. No strategic, political or military documents of importance. 
  • One exception: The archive 1972-1975 (approx. 220 Mb) contains state secret classified documents. See the description of this archive below.

The files:

  • The files are letters (some in Word, mostly PDF and image scans), some (statistical) reports, scans of faxes, telexes, passports, visas and aeroplane tickets as well as an archive. There are no e-mails.
  • The spreadsheets and files contain recorded descriptions, functions (HRM job titles) and so on but no real content.
  • There are no financial reports and the documents contain almost no financial data.
  • The file’s contents seem to be requests for information (but no answers), visa requests (denied), appointments for meetings, information on congresses. Some operational information concerning buying (small) properties and maintenance. Almost no minutes of meetings. 
  • The documents contain names and addresses as expected to be found in regular letters, as well as some email addresses. A few documents consist of lists of participants of a public congress.
  • There is no specific address list, password list or whatever found.

In addition to the above general description, a few highlights (specific content) of the three boxes:

2) Additional specific: 506 Mb (of which 202 Mb archive).

Contains documents of the Russian ambassador in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Alexander I. Ignatov.

Zamir Kabulov

Most of the documents contain a request from the Director of the second Department Asia of the Ministry for Foreign affairs of Russia C.H. Kabulov. This request is addressed to the embassies of Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Indië, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives.  

Most requests are questions for reports, especially what countries (strategic) plans are for the period 22 till 25. For example in the field of environmental care, energy, agriculture, fishing, economics, cultural cooperation and so on but also regarding recent developments around Covid. 

Other questions (requested reports) are related to embassy staff, requested training, required Covid vaccines and the offer (for relatives) to go to Russia during the pandemic.

On all the above requests are no documents with an answer. 


Two documents are related to a military subject, both from the Russian embassy in Nepal: 

  • The possibility for Russian soldiers to participate in Nepali training.
  • The procurement of the Nepali Army of Mi-17 Helicopter spare parts.


A number of documents contain offers of Russian companies and relate to businesses like Gazprom and asbestos as well as agricultural products. Again no real content, only letters to establish relations and proposals to make appointments (zoom meetings). No minutes of the meetings, no contracts.

Nuclear power plant Ruppur and ROSATOM

Correspondence related to the first Bangladesh nuclear power plant at Ruppur that was built by the Russian company ROSATOM. For example appointments for visits by specialists and delivery of (sport) facilities for Russian specialists working in Bangladesh. The preparation for a meeting by Alexey Likhachev, Director General of ROSATOM to met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed to discuss further bilateral cooperation. 

No minutes of the meetings, no contracts, no technical documents or whatever.


In addition to the mentioned documents regarding Covid (and related to the embassy staff).  The question if the Bangladesh government is interested to buy the Sputnik vaccine (estimated 100 million doses) from Russia or is interested to produce it together with Russia.

No minutes of the meetings, no contracts, no financial appointment or whatever.

Geological research

Appointments regarding geological research in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman sea. Together with Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Letters for appointments of meetings, operational questions and answers regarding the operations (ports, route) of the ships. 


Letters to establish a cooperation between the political parties: Bangladesh Awami League and UNITED RUSSIA. Only the cooperation and conformation, no minutes of meetings.

One document on UN-related to Syrie, procedural.


Interesting is the .rar archive 1972 – 1975  202 Mb. This archive contains state secret classified documents.

At first glance, it looks old and uninteresting. But placed in context and closer examined, it gives a good overview of Russian activities in Bangladesh in an interesting period wherein an independent Bangladesh was established and the country is rebuilt. 

It gives information about the harbours that have been built by the Russians and describes contacts with Indira Gandhi of India. It is written proof of the Russian involvement in this period in this region. Although widely known now and well documented from inside. This is probably the reason this archive is kept and classified as a state secret.

More information about this archive is to follow (some more time needed).

3) 47Mb.

This contains documents of the Russian Ambassador in Panama City, Panama, Evgeny M. Boykov.

This is mostly requests for information. Interesting is the question for a list of institutes and organizations involved in security. The contact person in Panama for Russia is dbulakh exact name to be determined.

But as previous, no answers.

Also, operational documents regarding embassy staff (training and evacuation due to Corona). And a number of letters concerning audits (but not the audit reports).

Documents regarding (maintenance of) embassy properties

There is a document regarding the Russian candidate for the Committee Against Torture and a document regarding Russia participating in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.

4) 17.5 Mb.

Not 100% sure but could be of A.G. Shmuratov.

It is or someone that could be involved in the development and/or maintenance of some (HRM-related) registrations or someone responsible for HRM facilities (especially registrations, especially for embassies?).


Some spreadsheets (with functions names and so on), but no content.

Some database schemes (especially registration of personal), but no content.

Some formats for audits, but no content.

Other lists, drafts and formats without content.


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