Dutch routers hacked by Russian military hacking group

Dozens of routers belonging to Dutch individuals and companies have been hacked by a notorious Russian military hacking group. This was discovered by the Dutch Military Intelligence Service (MIVD), according to de Volkskrant.

Hacked Routers

The MIVD discovered the hacked routers during an investigation. Alarm bells started ringing when the service saw many Dutch IP addresses. It is estimated that this involves several dozen routers. The routers are part of a worldwide network of thousands of hacked devices. They are owned by the Russian unit 74455, also known as Sandworm or BlackEnergy. This dangerous hacking group is part of the Russian Military Intelligence Service GRU.

The GRU can misuse the hacked routers to conduct cyber operations against Dutch or allied interests.

The hacked private individuals and companies have since been informed by the MIVD. Intelligence has advised the victims to replace the routers.


It is striking that the MIVD makes the hack public. It’s not often that intelligence agencies give details about threats. MIVD director Jan Swillens informs de Volkskrant that transparency is important. The MIVD wants to make the Dutch aware of this type of cybercrime. “The threat is sometimes closer than you think. Dutch routers say the bakery on the corner, is used by a state actor,” Swillens told de Volkskrant.

It is not known whether there is a connection with the war in Ukraine.

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