Elon Musk made fun of the union of hackers and hacktivists Anonymous

On the eve of the American entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk published on his page images, which the public associates with the famous hacker group Anonymous, with an unexpected caption: “Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus.”

This post was accompanied by just two exclamation marks, but has already been liked or retweeted about 400,000 times. Hannah Montana is the heroine of the teenage series of the same name, played by singer Miley Cyrus. The latter has already managed to answer Elon Musk with joking indignation about this: “I told you this in secret! You can build a rocket, but you can’t keep anything secret ?! ”.

“In fact, Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus,” the owner of SpaceX joked, revealing a well-known secret. In the TV series Hannah Montana (2006–2011), Cyrus played a schoolgirl named Miley Stewart, who hides that she is the pop star, Hannah Montana.

Recall that hackers from the Anonymous group accused the billionaire Elon Musk of excessively influencing the bitcoin rate and neglecting the investments of ordinary people. Anonymous published their appeal to the entrepreneur on the Internet. “Millions of retail investors were counting on cryptocurrency profits to improve their lives. <…> Of course, they took the risk when they invested, everyone knows that you need to be prepared for the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but your tweets this week show a clear disregard for an ordinary working person, ”the hackers said in a video message.

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