eRecognition now also available from abroad

Companies and organizations can now use eHerkenning to arrange their affairs online with government organizations in the European Economic Area. However, entrepreneurs must have at least safety level EH3. In addition, they must register eHerkenning with the authority in the country they want to do business with.

eRecognition can now also be used within the EU

eHerkenning is a digital means of authentication with which entrepreneurs, intermediaries and employees can securely log in to government organizations that are affiliated with the initiative. In our country, that is almost 500 government agencies, which offer about 2,000 services. Simply put: eHerkenning is a kind of DigiD, but for business.

Until now, entrepreneurs could only use eHerkenning in our own country. Since the Netherlands is an internationally oriented country, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations wanted the means of authentication also to be made suitable for European use. Thanks to the eIDAS regulation, entrepreneurs and intermediaries can arrange their affairs online with government agencies within the European Economic Area since 1 September. eDIDAS stands for Electronic Identification and Trust Services.

Confidence Level EH3 or higher

Users who want to do business across the border must meet a number of conditions. To start with, they must have eHerkenning at confidence level EH3 or higher. Logius, the party that maintains eHerkenning, uses different security levels. The lowest level is EH2. You only need a username and password to log in. The identity of the applicant is established via the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

The highest confidence level is EH4. Logging in is then only possible with a PKI certificate. To qualify for this, the user must provide a ‘reliable source document’ and a physical face-to-face check takes place. Organizations that process highly sensitive and confidential information often work with the highest level. Security level EH3 uses two-step verification. In addition to a username and password, you also need a login code. This is sent by SMS, token or app.

Until 1 July there was also safety level EH1 . This assurance level has been abolished because in practice it turned out to be too easy to commit fraud.

Make eRecognition suitable

In addition to the appropriate security level, users must register their personal eRecognition asset with the government agency of the country they want to do business with. For this they need eHerkenning with the correct security level and citizen service number (BSN) to make their eHerkenning device suitable for use across the border. The suppliers that provide eHerkenning help with this.

Thanks to collaboration between recognized eHerkenning suppliers on the one hand and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the National Service for Identity Data (RvIG), Logius and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) on the other, eHerkenning now also works in a European context.

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