Every fifth Russian dreams of becoming a hacker

Analysts at the antivirus company ESET studied the opinion of Russians about hacking.

The desire to become a hacker was expressed by a fifth of the participants in a survey conducted among Russian users in September 2021. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the international developer of antivirus software ESET.

Most of all, young people aged 18 to 24 want to try themselves in this role, as well as 23% of men and 16% of women. Nevertheless, 80% of the respondents would not like to engage in such IT activities, the study notes.

Director of ESET Corporate Business Department Anton Ponomarev, commenting on the results of the survey, noted that the negative attitude towards hackers is a consequence of the information noise in the news after high-profile hacks or data leaks. According to the expert, not only scammers are involved in hacking, but also law-abiding programmers.

According to 47% of Russians, hackers can benefit society, be good and honest, but 53% disagree – in their opinion, hackers are deceivers and scammers.

At the same time, ESET specialists emphasize that 85% of survey participants think that hackers are hacking other people’s sites, while 72% said that they are engaged in theft or destruction of data, for 61% of respondents, hackers are people who disable equipment or its software. security.

In addition, 18% said that hackers help in fixing bugs in the program code. Another 16% believe that the profession of a hacker is to prevent data destruction or corruption.

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