FBI mail server hacked

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) email server was hacked over the weekend and used to distribute tens of thousands of spam emails on behalf of the US federal police. This reports BleepingComputer. The hackers had no access to FBI personal information.

fake messages

Tens of thousands of emails were sent after the FBI’s email server was hacked on Saturday. The fake message, purportedly sent by the FBI, suggested that the recipient’s system had been compromised. The ‘FBI’ warns in the spam message about malicious parties that might have been discovered on the recipient’s network. Data would have been stolen from the devices.

The emails were initially discovered by Spamhaus, a non-profit organization that fights spam. The spam messages were sent from a legitimate FBI email address. Spamhaus is concerned that the mail comes from a real FBI server. The anti-spam organization is warning on Twitter to be wary of fake messages that appear to be from the FBI.

In recent years we have seen more and more false messages sent by a supposedly well-known organization such as PostNL or the tax authorities. These phishing messages are often almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It is therefore important to always check the sender of a message. Cybercriminals try to make the email addresses they use seem very trustworthy.

No access to personal data

According to the US Federal Police, the hacker did not have access to personal information from the FBI. The emails were sent due to a software vulnerability, the FBI said. This problem should have been resolved by now.

It is still being investigated who sent the spam messages. According to American investigative journalist Brian Krebs, it would be a person known on Twitter as Pompompurin. He allegedly sent the spam messages to draw attention to a flaw in the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).

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