FBI names REvil as the group behind meat supplier cyberattack

FBI names REvil as the group behind meat supplier cyberattack

The cybercriminal group REvil (Sodinokibi), linked by many information security experts with Russia, is behind the attack on the world’s largest meat producer JBS. 

Bloomberg Quint was told this by four knowledgeable sources not authorized to discuss the issue.

Last weekend, JBS’s production facilities around the world were subjected to a cyberattack, due to which the company was forced to stop production in Australia and the United States. On Tuesday, May 1, the company announced that it has made “significant progress” in recovering from the cyberattack and plans to launch “most” of its production processes on Wednesday.

The USDA said it continues to work closely with the White House, Department of Homeland Security, JBS USA and others to monitor the situation and help resolve any potential supply or price issues.

According to the cybercriminal group REvil, it has no equal in the field of cyber extortion, and it does not need additional advertising. Among the recent victims of REvil are Apple Corporation, one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers Acer, one of the largest Japanese construction companies Kajima Construction Corporation, Brazilian courts and many other organizations.

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