Fraudsters steal bank card data using a Telegram bot

Fraudsters steal bank card data using a Telegram bot

Attackers have come up with another way to steal bank card data. This time the Telegram messenger is used for this. CyberNews analysts told about it.

It is reported that a bot called OTP Bot has appeared in the application, which is trained to receive from its victims the data of their bank cards, as well as passwords for confirming certain operations sent by banks.

In its dialogues with users, the bot uses data found on the darknet or in leaked databases. At the same time, the most popular fraudulent scheme is as follows: the bot offers the victim to connect the bank card to the mobile account to make automatic payments. After obtaining the necessary information, cybercriminals spend money from the cards to buy gift cards in regular stores.

At the same time, the attackers do not come into direct contact with the victim. To find out the one-time code, the bot calls the number of the selected person and asks for the required combination of numbers. It is known that, in addition to financial data, fraudsters are able to steal passwords and login information for various services in the same way.

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