Fujifilm confirms ransomware attack, partially shuts networks

Japanese multinational conglomerate FujiFilm launched an investigation after it had to shut down part of its IT network in a cyberattack.

On the evening of Tuesday, June 1, its Tokyo headquarters underwent a ransomware cyberattack, the company said.

“We want to present everything we know at the moment and talk about the measures we have taken. Late in the evening of June 1, 2021, we became aware of a possible ransomware attack. As a result, we have taken action to suspend all affected systems in coordination with our various organizations around the world. We are currently working on defining the scope of the problem. We sincerely apologize to our clients and business partners for the inconvenience caused, ”the company said.

Due to a partial disconnection of the network, the American representative office of FujiFilm USA published on its website a message about problems with e-mail and telephony systems.

Fujifilm confirms ransomware attack, partially shuts networks

Although the company itself does not disclose what ransomware was used in the attack, according to the head of the information security company Advanced Intel Vitaly Kremez, last month FujiFilm networks were infected with the Qbot Trojan. After a difficult situation developed around ransomware in the hacker community in connection with the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, Qbot operators began to actively cooperate with the cyber ransomware group REvil.

As a rule, after the infection of networks with the Qbot Trojan, the deployment of ransomware always follows. Previously, Qbot operators also collaborated with ransomware ProLock and Egregor, but after the cessation of their activities, they began to offer their botnet to REvil hackers. One of the recent victims of REvil is the world’s largest meat producer JBS.

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