Google spoke about new security policies for Android applications

Google spoke about new security policies for Android applications

This week, Google announced a policy update for Google Play to improve privacy and security for users and give them more control over ad personalization.

Google recently released more details on the upcoming security policy section, which it first announced in May this year and plans to add to Google Play in the first quarter of 2022. By April next year, all Google Play app developers must provide details of their privacy and security practices.

In the new security section, developers will be able to provide information about the security practices implemented in their applications (for example, about data encryption), as well as whether the application complies with the Google Play family policies and whether it has been independently verified to meet global security standards.

Users will be able to access the section from any application on Google Play to learn more about what types of data the application collects and transmits, how this data is used and whether they can opt-out of data collection practices.

All application developers are required to provide their privacy policies, regardless of whether their application collects personal/confidential data or not. Developers must provide accurate and complete information in the security section, including information about the data used by third-party libraries or SDKs.

Developers will be able to start submitting the required information to the Google Play Console for verification in October 2021, and a security section will appear on Google Play in early 2022. In general, developers must ensure that their apps support this section by April 2022, otherwise, requests for new apps and updates to be published on Google Play will be rejected.

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