Google Will Defend In Court Against Antitrust Claims Filed By Thirty-Six US States

Google Will Defend In Court Against Antitrust Claims Filed By Thirty-Six US States

The antitrust lawsuit was filed by a coalition of 36 states and Washington, DC, intending to challenge Google’s policy that requires developers to pay a 30% commission on sales made through the Android app store.

The plaintiffs also argue that the company is hindering the popularity of other app stores, for example, they cannot be downloaded through Google Play.

Google called it “groundless” and said the changes requested by the plaintiffs “will increase costs for small developers, limit their ability to innovate and compete, and make Android apps less secure.”

“Google’s strong monopoly on Android app distribution and in-app purchases is not based on per se competition. This monopoly is supported by artificial technological and contractual terms that Google imposes on the Android ecosystem, ”the lawsuit says.

In the United States, this antitrust lawsuit is the fourth that the IT giant is currently facing. In another lawsuit, the Justice Department claims that Google is entering into special agreements with manufacturers so that the company’s services on their gadgets are used by default. In the course of consideration, a separate case was highlighted from it on discrimination by the Google search engine of third-party services, primarily Yelp and Tripadvisor. Also, a group of the country’s attorneys general is looking for confirmation of a cartel collusion with Facebook and understands the company’s advertising technologies.

Last year, the company updated its distribution agreement and announced that from the end of September 2021, when selling products through Google Play, developers will have to use the built-in payment system, which is charged with a 30% commission.

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