Hacked version of Lightning cable lets you steal credentials

A cybersecurity researcher using the MG alias has developed a new version of OMG Cable that can be used to steal credentials.

OMG Cable is a cable that not only charges phones and transfers data similar to Apple’s Lightning cable but can also log keystrokes from connected Mac, iPad and iPhone keyboards and then send that data to an attacker. The cable creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that a hacker can connect to.

The cable also contains a geofencing feature that allows the device’s payload to be triggered or locked based on its location, preventing the payload or keystrokes from leaking from other connected devices. Other features include the ability to change the keyboard layout and the ability to spoof the credentials of USB devices.

The cable contains a small implanted chip and is physically the same size as the original cable, making it extremely difficult to detect a tamper. The implant itself takes up about half the length of the plastic sheath of the USB-C connector, allowing the cable to continue operating normally.

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