Hacker group discovers possible PlayStation 5 jailbreak

The hacker group failOverflow reports on Twitter that they have obtained the root keys of the PlayStation 5. With the root keys, it would theoretically be possible to ‘jailbreak’ the PS5 in the future. Unauthorized software, such as illegally obtained games, could then be run on the PS5.

FailOverflow says in a Twitter message that they have “recovered all symmetric root keys” of Playstation 5. The authentication keys can be obtained from the software, according to the hackers. According to the hacker group, it would also contain the individual verification key of each PS5 console.

The hacker collective posted a message on Twitter with the caption “Another one bites the dust”. Attached to the Twitter message was a screenshot that appeared to show PS5 root keys. FailOverflow gives no further details about the discovery. The hacker group says in a response to a question from a Twitter user that it will be difficult for Sony to close the leak. It is difficult to adjust this code afterwards.

The console’s firmware checks with the root keys whether the software and games launched on the PS5 are authorized. By recovering these verification keys, it would be possible to run code on the console that is not approved by Sony.

Finding the root keys can be one of the first steps to jailbreaking a PS5 console. After a successful jailbreak, a PS5 could run illegally obtained games, new operating systems or firmware. However, the discovery of failOverflow does not mean that the PS5 is completely compromised.

Hack consoles

In the past, failOverflow has been successful in hacking consoles before. In 2011, the hacker group was the first to circumvent the PlayStation 3’s security measures and retrieve the root keys. In 2016, failOverflow put the source files for running a Linux Kernel on the PlayStation 4 online. They did this by exploiting a vulnerability in WebKit. In 2018, failOverflow managed to hack into the Nintendo Switch. They then got Linux running on the Nintendo Switch.

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