Hackers Attacking Colonial Pipeline Claim Attacks Against Three Companies

It looks like the hackers intend to keep their promise to continue to choose their victims more carefully. 

The DarkSide group, which attacked the American fuel giant Colonial Pipeline, announced attacks on three more companies. For example, a summary of the documentation allegedly stolen by hackers from three companies appeared on their website on DarkSide Leaks, but the data itself was not published.

This information on the DarkSide Leaks website indicates that the group is not at all stopped by the ongoing FBI investigation into them. However, the hackers seem intent on keeping their promise to continue to choose their victims more carefully after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline caused a gasoline shortage across the US West Coast.

One of the three companies attacked is located in the United States, the second is in Brazil and the third is in Scotland, and none of them is involved in critical infrastructure. All three companies are small enough that a disruption in their operations does not lead to serious consequences for the public, as happened in the case of Colonial Pipeline.

The US company is a technology services reseller based in Illinois. According to the hackers, they stole 600 GB of confidential information from her, including passwords, financial data and information from the HR department, including passport details of employees.

The Brazilian company is a reseller of renewable energy equipment. Cybercriminals reported stealing more than 400 GB of data from her, including “personal data of clients” and “details of agreements.”

The Scottish company is engaged in architecture. According to DarkSide, they stole 900 GB from them, including contracts, commercial and personal data over the past three years.

None of the three companies have commented on the cybercriminals’ claims.

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