Hackers stole $ 7.6 million in cryptocurrency from the THORChain cross-chain exchange

Hackers have caused multimillion-dollar damage to the popular decentralized cross-chain exchange THORChain.

The exact amount of damage is unknown. According to preliminary estimates by THORChain, the attackers stole 13 thousand ethers (about $ 25.1 million), but then this amount was reduced to 4 thousand ethers ($ 7.6 million). According to further calculations by the community, the amount of damage is $ 6 million.

As the administrators of THORChain reported on the community channel in Telegram, the project has enough funds to reimburse users for the assets stolen from them. However, they also reached out to the hackers and asked them for a refund for a reward.

“Although our vault has sufficient funds to cover the stolen assets, we ask attackers to contact our team to discuss a refund and reward commensurate with the vulnerability discovered,” the THORChain administration said.

Following the posting of the aforementioned tweet, THORChain also announced that a preliminary roadmap for recovery is underway, the vulnerability that caused the incident has been patched and the network has been restarted. Ether will be transferred to pools of liquidity providers to reimburse affected users. The THORChain team plans to attract cybersecurity firms to verify their contracts.

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