Hackers tried to poison California water supply in major cyberattack

Hackers tried to poison California water supply in major cyberattack

On January 15 this year, a hacker tried to poison the water at a water treatment plant that serves part of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

According to NBC News, which obtained a report from the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, the attacker gained access to the TeamViewer account credentials of a former station employee.

After authorization in the system, an unknown criminal deleted the programs that the water company used to purify drinking water.

“The incident did not cause any water failures and not a single person in the city reported illnesses due to water-related problems,” the experts said.

The incident is one of a growing number of recently detected cyberattacks on US water infrastructure. We will remind, earlier, a resident of Kansas deliberately obtained unauthorized access to a protected computer system at a water treatment plant in his native Ellsworth County. The attacker allegedly turned off the water purification and disinfection processes.

In February of this year, an unknown hacker hacked into the computer systems of a water treatment plant in Oldsmar (Florida, USA) and temporarily changed the sodium hydroxide content in tap water to a potentially dangerous level.

In April this year, the Water Action Response Network in Pennsylvania, which includes utilities, emailed members of the cyberattack. According to the letter, the hackers have installed a web shell on corporate networks for remote access to them. The attack was detected and stopped, and the FBI initiated an investigation. The organization did not disclose the names of the enterprises.

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