Healthcare Cybersecurity Level Does Not Meet NIST CSF Standards

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities critically lack the ability to protect their computer supply chain systems. CynergisTek analyzed nearly 100 healthcare providers around the world, including hospitals, doctors’ offices and accountable healthcare organizations, to determine the organization’s security level versus the National Institute’s Cybersecurity Framework for hardening critical infrastructure. of Standards and Technology, NIST).

The scores were divided into two groups: high scores with NIST conformance scores greater than 80% and low scores with less than 80% conformance scores. The report focuses on the overall health of the industry in terms of cybersecurity readiness, with 64% of organizations meeting requirements below 80%.

The supply chain has proven to be the health care system’s biggest weakness. Supply chain management received an average score of 2.7 out of 5, reflecting the cross-cutting challenge that companies face in identifying and addressing cyber threats. With an acceptable score above 3, only 23% of organizations have passed the supply chain cybersecurity test. Even the highest scores did not reach level 4.

CynergisTek’s 2021 study found that half of the organizations do not educate or educate users on cybersecurity on an ongoing basis. This trend is widespread both within organizations and outside of them. CynergisTek has found a critical lack of education and understanding among executives and board members with critical responsibilities

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