In attack on SolarWinds, hackers stole data on sanctions against Russia

Information about counterintelligence investigations in the United States and the American sanctions policy against Russia was stolen by hackers who infiltrated the systems of American federal agencies.

The hackers who attacked the security software maker SolarWinds have stolen classified information about US counterintelligence investigations and US policy of sanctions against Russia. This was told in Reuters, citing sources.

“Suspected Russian hackers, who used SolarWinds and Microsoft software to infiltrate US federal agencies, obtained information on counterintelligence investigations, sanctions policy against Russian individuals, and US countermeasures against COVID-19,” writes Reuters.

According to preliminary information, a large-scale leak occurred back in December 2020. The American intelligence services then confirmed the fact of the attack on private companies and government bodies. According to one version, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service could be behind the break-in. In turn, the department called these accusations nonsense.

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