Iranian hacker: “Dark times are coming for the world”

The growing popularity of ransomware as a service model will lead to a worsening security situation around the world.

A hacker from the Iranian group Arvin Club called the “dark” times that are coming around the world. The cybersecurity situation is heating up amid the popularity of renting ransomware used for attacks. This was stated by a hacker from the Iranian group Arvin Club in an interview with

According to him, the growing popularity of the Ransomware as a Service model will have a detrimental effect on the security of companies around the world.

“Because of this, every day more and more people appear on the dark web who use ransomware. It will not bring anything good to the world. These are really dark times,” said the Iranian hacker.

A hacker from the Arvin Club admitted that Russian organizations came to the attention of a well-known group. At the same time, according to Ali, there is no need to talk about specific attacks, because these enterprises in the end turned out to be not very attractive.

“We had goals in Russia, but, to be honest, they are not very interesting to us for various reasons. We looked into your country more out of curiosity,” Ali said.

At the same time, he announced that the Arvin Club had a chance to attack targets in the United States. They did not relate to the country’s critical infrastructure, but the fact itself was enough for the American government to accuse the group of having links with the Iranian leadership.

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