Ireland confirms second cyberattack on health care system

Ireland confirms second cyberattack on health care system

A few days after the ransomware encrypted the data on the Irish National Health Service network (HSE), the Ministry of Health has now confirmed a second cyberattack on its systems. According to Bloomberg, the Irish Ministry of Health became a victim of ransomware on the same day as the HSE – May 13, 2021.

“Since Thursday, the Ministry has been taking action in response to the security incident and continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies,” the Health Ministry said.

Last week the HSE had to shut down all of its computer systems due to a cyberattack.

According to the head regulator, Anna O’Connor, the hackers exploited a previously unknown vulnerability in the system and deployed the ransomware Conti on the networks.

HSE CEO Paul Reid said it was “quite a sophisticated” attack, a “major incident” for the health service, and is a “human-operated” cyber attack. He said that information technology systems and data stored on central servers are being targeted

The Prime Minister of Ireland Michael Martin has said that the government will not pay the ransom money, and it would be dealt with in a “methodical way”.

The second cyberattack was reported amid cancelled appointments and delays in some HSE services.

Covid-19 vaccines and patient testing are ongoing, but there may be delays in receiving results.

Contact tracing also works, although it takes longer than usual. Due to the cyberattack, Ireland has been unable to publish data on new cases of coronavirus infection since May 13.

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