Japanese tech giant Olympus fell victim to BlackMatter ransomware

The manufacturer of optics, photographic equipment and high-quality optical equipment, the Japanese company Olympus, announced a cyber incident affecting the computer networks of its divisions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In a short press release on the website, the company explained that the incident took place on September 8 this year. When the suspicious activity was detected, communication on the affected systems was suspended. Investigation into the incident continues.

Olympus did not disclose what kind of incident the company faced, however, according to sources from TechCrunch, the manufacturer was attacked by the extortionist group BlackMatter. This is indicated by a ransom notice left by cybercriminals on encrypted systems, including the address of a portal on the darknet that was previously featured in BlackMatter attacks. The amount of the ransom is still unknown.

The BlackMatter group, which calls itself the heir to Darkside and REvil, began operations at the end of July this year. Like other groups of this type, BlackMatter maintains a site of leaks, where it publishes stolen data in case the victim refuses to pay the ransom.

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