Latest version iPhone iOS 15.0.2 already hacked

A Chinese hacker team has already hacked the latest version of Apple’s operating system on the iPhone 13 Pro. Although iOS 15.0.2 has only been available for a week, the hackers managed to hack into the phone within 15 seconds.

The good news is that the hack took place during a match. The team hacked into the phone during a popular cybersecurity competition in Chengdu, China.

Reward for jailbreaking

The competition, called Tianfu Cup, was held on October 16 and 17. It allows ethical hackers to find all vulnerabilities in popular operating systems and software. The fastest and best hacks also win a cash prize.

Team ‘Kunlun Lab’ took home $120,000 in cash for jailbreaking the iPhone 13 Pro that already works with iOS 15.0.2. Jailbreaking is jargon for removing Apple’s security. The team managed to exploit a code in the Apple browser Safari to gain access to the device. The hack only lasted 15 seconds.

Another team, PangU, managed to jailbreak the same phone remotely. For this, it won $300,000, which is the highest prize in the competition.

Participants had to circumvent the so-called Pointer Authentication Code, ‘PAC’. This is a security that Apple uses in its devices. They also had to do this live in front of an audience.

Apple praises itself on security

Obviously, Kunlun Lab prepared well and did extensive research before starting the hack. Not everyone can do this right away. Yet it remains astonishing.

Especially since Apple considers its security excellent. The brand likes to boast of its many advanced security features. Despite this security, hackers managed to jailbreak the iPhone.

The Tianfu Cup is for ethical hacking

The competition didn’t just focus on iPhones. Other devices such as Chromebooks, Windows and Linux devices and even Xiaomi smartphones were potential ‘victims’.

Moreover entered the game for ethical hackers, also called white hat hackers said. Ethical hacking is not illegal and companies are happy about it. They can use the findings to update their systems.

This is why details of the contest have not yet been made public. Participants in the Tianfu Cup must keep their methods secret so that companies can update their software before the details are released. After all, they don’t want everyone to be able to abuse the vulnerabilities found.

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