Microsoft tries to dissuade people from installing Chrome on Windows

Microsoft has always been sceptical about third-party browsers, and its recent policy regarding the use of Edge has been aggressive. Now the tech giant decided to go even further: when trying to download Google Chrome, they try to dissuade the user from installing a popular Internet browser.

Of course, Microsoft’s job is to get as many people as possible to use the native Windows browser, Microsoft Edge. It used to be a joke that Internet Explorer was only needed to download Opera or Chrome, but now the same is true for Edge.

That is why the corporation decided to fight this approach in the operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 11. Now, when trying to download Chrome in Edge (for example, if the user simply goes to the browser download page), one of the messages is displayed hinting at the failure of Google Chrome and noting the advantages of Microsoft Edge.

Edition Neowin noted three such notices stating the following:

“Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome, but it also has the trust of Microsoft.”

“This browser (alluding to Chrome – approx. AM) is so stuck in 2008! Do you know which browser is more modern? Microsoft Edge “.

“I hate saving” – no one ever said that. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping. “

Last year, users faced a similar situation. Then Microsoft began to impose Microsoft Edge on the Start menu on Firefox users.

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