Millions exposed in Japan data hack

The data of 1.7 million users of the dating app Omiai in Japan were stolen through illegal connections to the server, NHK reported.

At the end of April, numerous connections were made to the company’s server, as a result of which hackers took over the data of 1.7 million users. The stolen data includes photographs of driver’s licenses, passports and insurance policies that the Omiai app used to verify. The most popular dating app in Japan, Omiai, is used by 6 million users.

The company maintains that no credit card data was exposed

Millions exposed in Japan data hack

Later, NHK announced that over 27,000 pieces of information from the Mercari purchase and sale application also made it onto the Internet. Attackers stole bank account numbers with the names of the owners of those who used the service from August 2013 to January 2014. In addition, the criminals downloaded data from virtual wallets. Operator Mercari has yet to report the damage.

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