Moscow court arrested the organizer of the murders via the darknet

In Moscow, Sergei Magdanov was arrested, suspected of creating a site on the darknet for organizing contract killings.

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested 38-year-old Sergei Magdanov, suspected of creating a site on the darknet, through which the murder could be ordered. According to the investigation, the man provided services anonymously, and orders were paid for with cryptocurrency.

It is reported that the existence of the site became known during the investigation of a double murder committed in 2020 in the Vladimir region. The victims of that crime were the drug dealer Kuzma Kazazaev and his wife Ekaterina Kazazaeva. Kazazayev was already convicted in 2013 for creating a criminal community, preparing for the illegal sale of drugs and legalizing money.

It turned out that he provided customers with the killer’s service for a fee in cryptocurrency or fiat money through electronic wallets registered with dummies. The man was detained during a joint operation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB.

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