New phishing scam via Netflix and other streaming services

New phishing scam via Netflix and other streaming services

Scammers have recently been posing as Netflix and other streaming services. This is what cybersecurity company Kaspersky said in its report on Wednesday.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are easy to use for phishing scams. All these services work with a credit card. Kaspersky: “And where there are credit card details, there are phishing scams”.

Both people who do not yet have a subscription to the streaming services and people with a subscription run the risk of becoming victims. This is done in two different ways.

Not a customer yet

If you don’t have a subscription yet, you will receive emails with great deals. You will see the pages where you normally create an account. However, these pages are fake. The email address you entered and the payment details, therefore, end up in the hands of the scammers.

In addition, scammers use popular shows to bring in fans without subscriptions. For example, a teaser of The Mandalorian was shown. This would belong to a new episode that would only be shown on Disney+. Actually, the video came from an older trailer that has long been in the public domain.

Current costumers

If you do have a subscription, you will likely receive phishing emails asking you to update your payment information. One of these emails said, “We’re having trouble with your payment information. We’ll try again later, but in the meantime, you may want to update your payment information.” This was followed by a link that reads “Update your account now”. The email ended with “Your friends at Netflix”.

Fortunately, an observant person was able to mark this email as fake. In the opening words, the word ‘customer’ was misspelt as ‘costumer’. If you haven’t noticed this, both the mail and the website page look completely real.

It’s not just about your bank details

Cybercriminals don’t just use these phishing scams to access your payment information. Your account details are also interesting. When scammer gets their hands on this data, they can resell it on the dark web. You then log in to your account later and see that someone else is already using it.

After all, depending on your subscription, you can stream on one to four devices at the same time. So it is very profitable for cybercriminals to sell your login details to multiple people.

In addition, many people use the same password for multiple accounts. If your password for Netflix is ​​the same as for Disney+, then the criminal can access both at once. It is even worse when you also use the same password for PayPal, for example.


Kaspersky ends his report with some tips. For example, do not click on links in received emails, but go manually to the streaming service yourself. In addition, look for signs that a post is clearly a scam, such as spelling mistakes. In addition, “Don’t trust any person or website that promises you can watch movies and shows before they officially premiere.”

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