No customer data stolen in ransomware attack MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt customers can exchange and return products. Picking up orders is not yet possible in the 49 branches in the Netherlands. Customers don’t have to worry about their data being stolen, because it hasn’t.

On Monday it was announced that MediaMarkt was the target of a cyber attack. In an internal e-mail to employees, which was seen by RTL Nieuws, the company asked to remove the internet cables from the cash registers and not to restart the systems. Picking up orders and returning products was impossible due to the cyber attack. Customers could just go to one of the stores to shop. In addition to the Netherlands, the retailer also experienced problems in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, among others.

New details about the cyber attack came out on Tuesday. Although the MediaMarkt did not want to officially confirm it, it seems that the group has been hit by a ransomware attack. Business-sensitive and other relevant files are placed in a kind of digital safe. The only way to access this data again is to pay a ransom.

According to RTL Nieuws, the international hacker group Hive is responsible for the attack on MediaMarkt. They are reportedly demanding $50 million in ransom, payable in bitcoin. The hacker collective is said to have infected thousands of MediaMarkt computers and servers with ransomware. Anyone who tries to open an encrypted file will receive the message: “Your network has been hacked and all data is encrypted. To regain access to all data, you need to purchase our decryption software.”

It is now Wednesday and progress have been made. Angela Meijer, spokeswoman for MediaMarkt, tells Algemeen Dagblad that no customer data has been stolen. “The most important thing is our customers and after extensive investigation, we can say that no customer data has been stolen. The customer data is completely safe, so customers don’t have to worry,” said the spokeswoman.

Meijer does not reveal anything about the rumour that the hackers are demanding $50 million in ransom. “We do not respond to speculation. We are working with professional parties in Germany to investigate everything.” The spokeswoman does not know what the next step is to undo the cyber attack. “It is not yet known what the next step is. For us, customer data was the most important thing and we are happy that it is completely secure.”

MediaMarkt still does not want to confirm whether it is the target of a ransomware attack at this time. It is also unknown whether the retailer or a cybersecurity company on behalf of the group is negotiating the amount of the ransom. Meijer does let you know that customers can currently not pick up orders at the 49 MediaMarkt branches in our country.

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