NSA head: “Almost every country has its own cyber program”

The growing number of countries supporting cyber programs makes it difficult to identify the organizers of a particular cyber attack.

Almost every country in the world has its own vulnerability exploitation program, and although most concentrate on cyber espionage, more and more states are beginning to experiment with more aggressive techniques, said the head of the US National Security Agency, Rob Joyce.

While most of the public’s attention is focused on the so-called “Big Four” (China, Iran, North Korea and the Russian Federation), not only these countries are developing cyber technologies.

Even small countries have advanced technologies, they are simply more limited in pursuing national interests, in particular, funding, the number of human resources and the scale of attacks, Joyce said during a speech at the cyber summit in Aspen.

At the same time, the number of Chinese cyber groups exceeds “the whole world put together,” says the head of the NSA. The Russian Federation, he said, is conducting destructive activity that the United States cannot tolerate, including in relation to critical infrastructure.

The growing number of countries supporting cyber programs makes it difficult to determine the organizers of a particular cyberattack, experts say.

For ten years the situation has changed significantly, says the head of information security company FireEye Kevin Mandia (Kevin Mandia).

“In 2010, all the [cyber incidents] we responded to fit nicely and neatly into 40 different groups. Oh, these are the guys from China, oh, this is Russia again or whatever. And now the number has increased to 2,900 groups, ”said Mandia.

According to Rob Joyce, the main tasks of his department are to inform about cyber threats in order to ensure the security of critical infrastructure, to ensure the protection of computer systems and weapons of the US Department of Defense, and to develop quantum-resistant cryptographic protocols.

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