Panasonic Says It Has A Data Leak

Japanese multinational conglomerate Panasonic announced earlier this month that it suffered a privacy breach after an unauthorized third party gained access to its network.

According to a company press release, an investigation into the case revealed that on November 11, an attacker was able to gain access to some data stored on one of its file servers during the attack.

Although Panasonic did not provide details on the timing of the attack in its statement, Japanese news outlets reported it. Mainci and NHK said a third-party vendor had access to its servers from June to November, according to the Record report.

In addition, Mainci and NHK reported that a third party was able to access confidential information such as customer data, employee personal information and technical files from Panasonic’s internal operations. At this point, Panasonic has yet to confirm or deny whether confidential information was obtained as a result of a hack.

Once Panasonic discovered unauthorized access due to abnormal network traffic, the company reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and took a number of security measures, including measures to prevent outside access to its network.

While the company is conducting its own investigation, it also works with a specialized third-party organization “to investigate the leak and determine if the breach involved personal and/or sensitive customer data.”

We will likely learn more about the data breach and how a third party gained access to their network and went undetected for more than four months after Panasonic and local authorities complete their investigations.

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