Phishers quickly started using the omicron strain theme in cyberattacks

Phishing attackers quickly realized that the African strain of SARS-CoV-2 omicron could serve as excellent bait for victims. Once again, cybercriminals have confirmed their ability to adapt to trends and important social topics.

Having received such a letter, the person is more likely to open it, since the attackers use the fear factor. The media has been constantly talking about the omicron strain lately, so the timing will be perfect.

Thanks to information published every day about a new variant of coronavirus infection, even fully vaccinated citizens fear for their health. Omicron is touted as a highly transmissible strain.

British organization “Which?” published two examples of phishing emails in which cybercriminals covered themselves with medical institutions and allegedly warned people about the omicron.

The phishing emails offered recipients a free PCR test. If a user followed a link in an email, they were redirected to an exact copy of the UK National Health Service website.

On this resource, you need to enter your full name, date of birth, residential address, phone number and email address. At the end of the procedure, a payment of $ 1.65 is expected, which will supposedly cover the cost of delivery services.

The amount is small, but there is a reason: the task of the accomplices, in this case, is not to steal as much money as possible, but to take possession of the user’s bank card data.

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