Phone scammers threaten victims with murder

Phone scammers in 2021 began to use new schemes to deceive people. This was reported in the press centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, reports TASS.

This year, attackers began to call citizens with threats of murder or destruction of personal property. Following this, another attacker calls the Russians, who introduces himself as a district police officer and persuades them to transfer funds to the account of the extortionists, ostensibly to expose them.

According to another common scheme, a person is called by a false police officer, who tries to get his location and leaves his phone number. After that, the victim receives a call from another person who asks for help with the arrest of the scammers. This is followed by an appeal to the already familiar “district officer”, who confirms that it is possible to catch intruders by transferring money to their account or transferring it to a person who will come to the victim’s house.

It is noted that every tenth victim of such a fraudulent scheme is a pensioner.

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