Private data 747,000 customers online after hacks at ZAP-Hosting

The German game hosting company ZAP-Hosting has been the victim of several hacking attempts. The company reports this in an email to customers, which can also be read in a blog. During the hacks, customer data was stolen and published on the internet. This includes email addresses and usernames. Address details may also have been leaked.

Client Portal Database Leaked

ZAP-Hosting writes that it has been the target of several “highly targeted attacks” on the internal services of the infrastructure. These attacks took place between March 13 and March 15, 2022. Due to the quick action of the team, the damage was largely limited, writes the director of ZAP Hosting Marvin Kluck. However, the company has temporarily shut down parts of the infrastructure as a safety measure.

Customer data was stolen during the hacks. It is likely that a  database dump from the company’s customer portal was used. This contains customer data and is published on the internet. An attempt was made to cause damage by brute force and by means of this publication, according to ZAP-Hosting.

The stolen dataset dates from November 22, 2021. According to ZAP-Hosting, the cybercriminals only made the dataset public on March 13/14. The company says it knows nothing about it until then. The investigation into the data theft is still ongoing. ZAP-Hosting has apologized. The company gives its customers a voucher of twenty euros as compensation.

Personal data customers online

The leaked email addresses have been added to Have I Been Pwned‘s database. This shows that it concerns more than 60GB of data and more than 746,000 unique email addresses. Have I Been Pwned reports that in addition to email addresses, support chat logs, IP addresses, names, purchases, physical addresses, and phone numbers have also been published.

ZAP-Hosting writes in the e-mail that e-mail addresses and usernames were included in the database. When the customer has had a chat with customer service or has provided address information, this information may also be online. The company emphasizes that passwords for the customer portal are only included in encrypted form. However, automatically generated passwords of some sub-user accounts can be read recognizably. ZAP-Hosting claims to have reset these passwords, but still advises customers to change their passwords.

The leaked database did not contain credit card details or other payment information, according to the hosting company. Also, no customer products or servers were stolen.

It is not clear what exactly the cybercriminals wanted to achieve with the hacks. There has been no negotiation or extortion, reports ZAP-Hosting. The company says it has been working with white-hat hackers for years to improve security. ZAP-Hosting will soon share more information about how such incidents can still happen.

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