Proton will merge products into new subscriptions

Proton will merge all its services for “uniform protection”. In the new ecosystem, privacy is the default by default and privacy is within reach for everyone. In addition, the services will receive a new design, improved functionality and better product integration. The changes will gradually be rolled out globally in the coming days and weeks.

Proton writes this in an e-mail to users. In a blog, Andy Yen, the founder and CEO of Proton, explains more about the upcoming changes.

Proton introduces centralized hub

Proton is an email provider where security and privacy come first. All messages you send and receive with the service are protected by end-to-end encryption. Should a security service knock on Proton’s door and demand access to the messages of an individual user, the company cannot comply. Proton does not sell private data to advertisers, nor does it flood you with personalized ads.

Things will change at Proton in the near future. To start with, the company comes with a new corporate identity. This is clearly visible on the renewed website The site serves as a centralized hub for all the services the company offers. Then you should think of Proton Mail, ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive.

Free users get twice the storage space

You will soon no longer log in to your Proton Mail via, but via Don’t worry: your email address will remain the same. redirects visitors to This also applies to other services and applications: visitors to will soon be automatically directed to

Anyone who now has an email address with Proton has an account that ends with With the new ecosystem, the company is introducing email accounts. You can add this to your existing account. This is an additional email address and does not replace your existing email address.

Proton provides users with a free email address. In the basic package, you can create one e-mail address and send and receive a maximum of 150 messages per day. Initially, you were given 500 MB to store your messages. With the arrival of the renewed ecosystem, Proton will double the storage capacity to 1 GB.

New subscriptions merge services

There are two paid plans: Mail Plus and Proton Unlimited. The first costs 4 euros per month if you take an annual subscription. You get 15 GB of storage for your messages, up to 10 email addresses and email support for one domain name. You also get access to Proton Calendar.

Proton Unlimited costs 10 euros per month and offers 500 GB of storage, 15 email addresses and support for three domain names. You can also endlessly use Proton Calendar, ProtonVPN and Proton Drive.

All services have received a lick of paint. “By using logos that are very similar, the new apps visually communicate that they are all part of the same privacy by default ecosystem,” said Andy Yen.

‘Fighting for open standards’

The CEO and founder of Proton says that he will continue to build “a better internet where privacy is the standard” in the future. Yen: “Proton will always be open source and fight for open standards, and we will remain completely independent, neutral and community-first. The new version of Proton is just the beginning, and we look forward to bringing you many more services and features in the near future.”

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