Ragnar Locker Ransomware Hits ADATA, Threatens to Leak 1.5TB Stolen Data

One of the largest manufacturers of memory cards and solid-state drives, the Taiwanese company ADATA has become another victim of ransomware.

Due to the attack, the company had to shut down some of its systems.

The main ADATA product line consists of DRAM modules, USB sticks, hard drives, memory cards and mobile accessories. The company also manufactures other products, including industrial solutions, gaming products, and electric trains.

According to representatives of ADATA, the attack took place on May 23 this year and affected a number of systems and business operations. The manufacturer has shut down all affected systems and notified the appropriate authorities of the incident. At the moment, the company is functioning normally, ADATA assured.

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Hits ADATA, Threatens to Leak 1.5TB Stolen Data

The manufacturer did not disclose what ransomware was used in the attack, and what ransom was demanded by the attackers, however, screenshots of files and documents allegedly stolen from ADATA appeared on the Ragnar Locker website over the weekend. According to the publication, the operators of Ragnar Locker managed to steal 1.5 TB of important data from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Based on the screenshots posted, attackers could get their hands on business information, financial data, schematics, Gitlab and SVN source codes, legal documents, employee information, and work folders.

The ransomware threatened to release the rest of the data if the company does not pay the required ransom. The amount in question is not mentioned on the site.

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