Ragnar Locker threatens to publish stolen files if the victim calls the police

The ransomware group Ragnar Locker, known for a number of attacks on large companies such as ADATA and Capcom, has found a new way to influence victims. The group now threatens to release data stolen from victims if they seek help from law enforcement.

The threat also extends to those who bring in experts to recover encrypted files or negotiate a ransom, according to a post by Ragnar Locker on the darknet website.

As explained, professional negotiators will only complicate the recovery process, because they often work with information security companies associated with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

“From now on, we warn our clients: if you hire any data recovery company to negotiate or contact the police / FBI / investigator, we will regard this as a hostile intent and immediately initiate the publication of the entire array of compromised data”, – stated in grouping message.

The Ragnar Locker group manually distributes ransomware to victims’ computers. Before encryption begins, ransomware scouts for network resources, data backups, and other sensitive information that could be stolen.

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