Ransomware attack disrupts ferry service in northeast US

Ransomware attack disrupts ferry service in northeast US

Unidentified ransomware operators have launched a cyberattack on the systems of the US Steamship Authority, the legislative regulator for all ferry services between mainland Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. 

Hackers disrupted ferry service between the mainland and the islands.

According to a series of messages posted on the company’s official Twitter account, the attack took place on the morning of June 2 this year. According to the shipping company, the incident affected ground IT systems, but the safety of the ships was not affected.

“The problem did not affect radar or GPS systems. Scheduled trips to both islands continue, although customers may experience some delays in the ticketing process, ”explained a company spokesman.

The operator also said that it is working with federal and local authorities to determine the source and scope of the cyberattack.

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