Ransomware attack hits Broshuis, data may have been stolen

Broshuis, a company specializing in special and container transport, has been the target of a ransomware attack. Company data is encrypted and possibly also stolen. The company has filed a report with the police and reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Broshuis has reported this in a press statement.

Nature and scope of ransomware attack unknown

The ransomware attack took place on the morning of Saturday, January 29. Then IT workers discovered that the company’s computer systems had been infected with ransomware by an “unauthorized third party.” Ransomware is malicious software that hackers use to lock up personal or confidential data of a company or organization or threaten to make this data public. Only when the victim pays the ransom will he get the key to make all data accessible again.

At the moment Broshuis cannot say much about the attack with ransomware. It is unknown who is behind the attack, how this person managed to infiltrate the company network or what the nature and size of the data is. The company cannot yet say what the possible consequences of the attack will be for employees, customers, suppliers and operations. We also don’t know if ransom demands have been put on the table.

‘Learn and further improve’

Broshuis has teamed up with external cybersecurity specialists to find answers to these questions. She has also contacted the authorities. Finally, the transport company reported the incident to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Broshuis says that safety and openness have the highest priority. “We realize that the current situation brings uncertainty and that affects us very much. We therefore continuously work to maintain and strengthen our security, also in the digital field. We use this event to learn and further improve,” said Pieter-Bas Broshuis, Broshuis board member, in a statement.

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