RKN threatens Google with a large fine

RKN threatens Google with a large fine

Roskomnadzor is threatening Google with a large fine if it does not restore the youtube page of the Tsargrad TV channel. Earlier, the American company blocked this account due to sanctions.

By May 20, Google must comply with the decision of the Arbitration Court of Moscow and restore the account of “Tsargrad” or file an appeal. Otherwise, Google LLC will be charged a progressive court penalty in favour of Tsargrad Media. At first, it will be only 100 thousand rubles ( $1,356.50 ) for each day that passes, then the amount will double every week.

According to the estimates of the law firm Baker & McKenzie, which acted as Google’s partner in court, in seven months the amount of the penalty will reach 94 trillion rubles ( $1,275,110,000,000 ) and will almost equal the capitalization of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

YouTube (controlled by Google) had blocked the Tsargrad TV channel in the summer of 2020, obeying the sanctions restrictions in the American jurisdiction imposed in 2014 by the United States, the EU and Canada on the owner of the TV channel Konstantin Malofeev.

The lawsuit against Google was the first application of the “Lugovoy law”, which allows individuals and companies under sanctions to transfer their litigation to Russia, lawyers say.

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