Russia plans to ramp up cyber defenses

Russia plans to ramp up cyber defenses

The number of cyber attacks on Russian infrastructure has been increasing in recent years. Since the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine’s Donbas region, the cyber threat has become even greater. That is why the country is going to do everything in its power to step up its cyber defences.

President Vladimir Putin said this during a meeting with his Security Council, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported.

Putin: ‘Russia was ready for cyber attacks’

According to the Russian president, there is “a real aggression” against Russia. According to him, the cyber attacks are carried out from different countries and are “perfectly coordinated”. Security services and hackers employed by the state are responsible for this. Putin said the attacks were targeted attempts to shut down Russia’s information infrastructure.

“Attempts to break into corporate networks of leading Russian companies are also much more frequently documented,” Putin added. “We can already say that the cyber-aggression against us, as well as the general sanctions attack on Russia, has failed. Overall, we were ready for this attack.”

‘There should be no weak spots’

Russian security specialists have repulsed the cyber attacks from abroad, according to the president. However, it is important to keep a close eye on this. “The nature of the challenges and threats is dynamically changing. The information sphere is developing rapidly,” Putin said.

The Russian president is therefore doing everything he can to improve his country’s cybersecurity. He is committed to “improving and developing mechanisms for information security of critical infrastructure facilities”. Computer systems and communication networks of government agencies are given priority in this regard.

“The defences of domestic cyberspace must be protected. There should be no weak spots,” Putin said. He is therefore considering setting up a government system that deals with information security.

Russia must switch to its own hardware and software

Putin also said in the meeting that he wants to end Russia’s dependence on Western suppliers of information technologies and similar products. “The digitization processes and Russian economy must be protected from any possible negative outside influence,” said the president.

Hardware and software from our own country must play a greater role. “We have been talking about this for a long time, we are working very actively on this, and I hope that the result will be achieved soon.” To pay for this, he wants to use money from the national program ‘Digital Economy’.

Russia and EU lash out at each other

At the end of March, Russia warned of ‘cyber-aggression’ from Western countries. According to the Kremlin, that is the work of “an army of cyber mercenaries” and “anonymous hackers and provocateurs” trained by the US and other NATO countries. Putin warned hackers not to go to war with Russia.

“There can be no doubt that the cyber-aggression unleashed against Russia will have serious consequences for the instigators and the perpetrators. The source of the attacks will be traced. The attackers will inevitably bear responsibility for their actions, in accordance with the requirements of the law,” Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Almost two weeks ago, the European Council accused Russia of carrying out “malicious cyber activities” against Ukraine. The attack on satellite network KA-SAT was particularly condemned. This attack not only affected Ukraine but also impacted the several EU Member States. The European Union, in close cooperation with its partners, is considering further steps to prevent, deter, deter and address such malicious behaviour in cyberspace.

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