Russia uses cyber-attacks to undermine Ukraine’s defense capabilities

Russia uses cyber-attacks to undermine Ukraine’s defense capabilities

While Ukraine is under airstrikes from Russian forces, the country has also suffered the latest blows in an ongoing series of cyber-attacks. Several Ukrainian banking and government websites crashed on Wednesday. This is reported by various international media, such as the Reuters news agency.

DDoS attack

Several websites of Ukrainian banks and government agencies were hit by a cyberattack on Wednesday. Internet connectivity company NetBlocks announced on Twitter that it would be a so-called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. During such a cyber attack, so many requests are sent to the attacked website that it can no longer handle the influx. This can cause the website of an organization or company to be poorly accessible or even unavailable at all.

“The websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Security Service of Ukraine have recently suffered from network outages,” Netblocks said.

Cyber ​​attacks also took place in January and earlier this month. A Dutch hosting server also appeared to play a role in previous cyber attacks. The landlord immediately took the server offline when it became known that the server was used in a cyberattack on Ukrainian authorities.

Malicious software on computers

In addition to DDoS attacks against several Ukrainian websites, researchers from cybersecurity firm ESET also discovered malware on hundreds of Ukrainian computers on Wednesday. ESET tweeted that this malicious software was installed on computers to erase data and destroy computers. The cyberattack has been going on for months, according to the cybersecurity company.

Undermining Defense Capacity

NATO has blamed the cyber attacks in Ukraine on Russian Military Intelligence (GRU). Now that it is clear that this is a large-scale invasion, Ukraine can expect more cyberattacks soon. These attacks can shut down infrastructure and affect telecommunications services. This further weakens Ukraine in its efforts to cope with Russian military aggression.

NATO is meeting today for an emergency meeting in Brussels following the situation in Ukraine.

Dutch cyber aid

A few weeks ago, the Netherlands offered to help Ukraine in the fight against cyber attacks. Ukraine has since accepted this offer. It is not yet clear what exactly cybersecurity assistance will look like. Dutch aid will in any case have a defensive character and will be aimed at investigating vulnerabilities in the Ukrainian systems.

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