Samsung has become a victim of cyberattack

South Korean electronics company Samsung is said to have been hit by a cyber attack. The attack was claimed by the ransomware group Lapsus$. The hackers, who were also behind the cyber attack on Nvidia, have now leaked a lot of confidential data online. This writes Bleepingcomputer. 190 GB of data would have been stolen.

Hackers group

The cyberattack on Samsung was claimed by the ransomware gang Lapsus$. This hacking group carried out another cyberattack on Nvidia last week. Lapsus$ has now shared some screenshots of potentially confidential Samsung data online. It is not known whether Lapsus has made a ransom demand. This was the case with the cyber attack on Nvidia.

190 GB stolen data

The data Lapsus$ shared online contains 190 GB of stolen company information. The descriptions of the files seen in the screenshots suggest that Samsung’s confidential source code was leaked in the attack. The ransomware gang claims it owns algorithms for all biometric unlock operations and the bootloader source code for all recent Samsung devices.

Qualcomm’s secret source code, the source code for Samsung’s activation servers, has also apparently been leaked. The ransomware gang also claims to have looted the entire source code for technology used to authorize and authenticate Samsung accounts, including APIs and services. Lapsus$ has split the data into three compressed files that have been leaked online as torrents.

If the hackers do indeed have the above data, then Samsung has suffered a major data breach that could cause serious damage to the company.

Samsung has now confirmed the cyber attack. According to the company, the attack only affects the Galaxy source codes for the operation of Galaxy devices. Personal information of consumers and employees of Samsung would not have been leaked. Samsung indicates that it does not expect any consequences for the company or consumers at this time. The company has taken measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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