Scammers made 18 million on fake dates

Scammers made 18 million on fake dates

Today, for many Russians, the search for new acquaintances for romantic relationships on the Internet can end in the loss of money.

Group-IB, a cybersecurity investigator, conducted research and found that the number of fake website domains used to steal money during fake dates has increased by 30 times over the past three years.

The essence of the scheme is to organize a fake date, and subsequently to steal funds from the holder’s bank card.

On popular dating services such as Tinder, Badoo or social networks, scammers create fake female accounts, make acquaintances, and then transfer the communication to instant messengers, where they offer a potential victim to meet.

Scammers send the QR code of their ticket to an event and a link to a website where the victim can purchase a seat nearby. The man who is caught on the hook follows the link and transfers the money. Analysts have found over 700 fake movies, theatre and show sites being used by scammers for their schemes.

Such a scheme was first discovered in 2018 and has flourished in the past two years. Over the past three years, the number of fake site domains used to steal money during fake dating has increased 30 times. Only one of the 24 detected groups earned more than 18 million rubles in a year with more than 7 thousand transactions.

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