SK neutralized a group of hackers from Primorye

A resident of Nakhodka created an organized criminal group that was involved in hacking computers and extortion.

Investigators for particularly important cases in Primorye have brought a high-profile case against a resident of Nakhodka to court. He is accused of committing crimes in the field of computer information, as well as illegal possession of weapons and drugs, according to the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Primorsky Territory.

According to police officers, the attacker attracted his son and three other people to commit the crimes. Their scheme worked smoothly: the accused obtained by illegal means computer information from various organizations in the country. The cybercriminals found vulnerable systems and, using malicious programs, “hacked” the protection. They selected the right combination of logins and passwords for user credentials, which allowed them to easily obtain legally protected computer information.

The accused remotely blocked and modified it. Then the defendants entered into correspondence with the users of the systems. They promised to unblock the data for a reward in cryptocurrency, which had to be sent to a specific account of the online wallet, ” said the Russian MIA Administration for the Primorsky Territory.

In total, the accused received more than 4.5 million rubles. Now all 42 criminal cases have been combined into one proceeding. The case has been sent to court.

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