Snowden warned smartphone owners about the danger

Snowden warned smartphone owners about the danger

Speaking at the New Knowledge marathon, Snowden said that the technology of searching for information on the phone is just starting in the United States. However, once Apple proves that it can view the content of files on a smartphone, it will become a serious violation of privacy. At some point, an American corporation may “cross the barrier” and start looking for “politically inconvenient” and financial moments said a former US intelligence officer. This is reported by RBC.

Snowden noted that Apple will not be able to refuse the government of the United States, Russia or other countries. According to him, if the company has such technologies, it will lose the moral right to say that it will not use them.

For example, Apple is introducing a system into smartphones that will scan photos and videos uploaded to iCloud for images of child abuse. The function will start working in the US this year.

Snowden also recalled that Apple often clothed something like that in “beautiful stories that this is all for your own safety, to protect your data.”

“But there is a clear line between what they own and what you own,” Snowden said.

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