The head of Doctor Web called the accusations of “Russian hackers” a game to the public

Often, “Russian hackers” almost always turn out to be just Russian-speaking criminals who can be found in many countries.

The accusations of “Russian hackers” in cyberattacks are in many cases a public game, the rapid discovery by foreign media of the source of hacker attacks raises a smile, Boris Sharov, general director of the Russian anti-virus software developer Doctor Web, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“It’s very funny how the American or European media literally in one or two days identify the source of the attack and say, for example, that they were” Russian hackers. ” – said Sharov.

According to him, over time, people stop trying to figure out the situation and begin to take such information at their word. He also stressed that often those who are called “Russian hackers”, in fact, almost always turn out to be only Russian-speaking criminals who can be found in a large number of countries. Sharov noted that, if necessary, good specialists can imagine this or that attack emanating from any desired point on Earth.

The head of Doctor Web also said in an interview that social engineering is more dangerous than malware.

He noted that such crimes do not occur within communication technologies, but with the help of them. The victim does not have visual contact with the interlocutor, does not understand who is talking to her – scammers use this.

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